Master the Building Blocks of Transformation With an Exceptional Group of Light Leaders

Experientially learn the effortless process of transformation that I have been practicing for over a decade. This was formerly my body-centred Coaching program, but now, I prefer to call it Transformation Mastery. 

In essence, I teach you the very principles of transformation, the TOOLS, that will allow you to confidently guide yourself and your clients through a healing transformation come what may.

15 years ago, I was fortunate to be mentored experientially in these tools by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. We study one of their books as our core syallabus, and of course, I have added my own spin to this work over the years.


The Approach: 

Start by learning the "6 Steps of the Flow of a Transformation Session." This forms the back-bone of Transformation Mastery.

The idea here is that transformation has a natural flow through various stages. For example, until a client is committed to the process, transformation will be twarted. Commitment is one of the 6 steps in a flow of a transformation session.

Once you understand these 6 essential components of any personal, 1-1 or group transformation session, you will immediately know if something is missing from the process when you work with yourself or others.

Step 4 of the Flow of a Transformation Session is "Transform". This is the actual process of transformation itself and depending on the situation there are many different approaches you can take.

In the remaining 12 months of the program, I will teach you the very principles through which Transformation works, one principle per month.
When you understand these 12 principles of transformation, you will be able to mix and match techniques and approaches like a Ninja! 

You will truly master transformation, and there will be nothing that you aren't prepared to work with in yourself or your clients. 

I teach you one principle a month so that you can deepen in your integration of that principle for one entire month. This way it becomes second-nature to you.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of these principles by participating in the clarity workshops that I lead for my Discover your Genius Process and Clear Channel programs. You will get the chance to facilitate as well as be facilitated using these principles

This program works on multiple levels as you will be both going through the process and transforming yourself, as well as embodying the transformation as a leader by facilitating your peers. 


  • Instant Access to the Foundations: The Flow of a Transformation Session Workshop (Video) and the Core tools of Breath, Movement and Wonder (Videos)
  • One Principle of Transformation Per Month : Learn the very foundations transformation that I use to effortlessly guide transformation in group and 1-1 settings as a guide.  Understand the mechanics of how transformation works, so that you don't have to memorize certain tools or processes, but can trust your knowing in the moment about which principle to apply and why as you work with your clients.  You have access for as long as you are registered in the program. 

Transformation Mastery is Currently Only Being Sold as a Monthly Bonus to the Clarity Workshops.

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