The first is like trying to make a pizza with smoothie ingredients.

The second is having all the pizza ingredients and step-by-step putting them together into a delicious masterpiece.

You can’t make pizza with protein powder and berries.

You can’t create freedom when your lived experience is being bound (secretly doing things you don't REALLY want to do). 

The Freedom Frequency is an energetic immersion in the frequency of freedom from many angles. 

When you immerse yourself in these energies, you release old identities, and in the NOW, new ideas and possibilities emerge, that genuinely pave the path for more freeing conditions.

This video series is an energetic re-set for entrepreneurs to achieve a new set-point of freedom in all aspects of their life and business. 

Embodying the Freedom Frequency NOW, regardless of how limiting your current circumstances are, is paramount if you wish to create freedom in the future.

It seems paradoxical. But it's true.

Live in the energy of freedom, even within your limitations, and what you will create will be more and more freedom in your outer conditions.

If your soul is calling you to BE FREE, you will love the Freedom Frequency.

It's an energetic immersion that will attune you to the frequencies of liberation, so that you can create new worlds from there.


The Freedom Frequency (Part 1)

In this video I share about the seeds of this program and core concepts to begin our process together. The core concept here is that whatever frequency we build upon, will be woven throughout our creation. So if we want to live a life of freedom, we need to be constant in the frequency of freedom and build from there.

I share this information with you through my personal experience. Regardless of whatever external circumstances you face in your health, relationships, finances or life, that you can find your inner experience of freedom. Freedom does not need to be conditional upon outer circumstances, and when it becomes unconditional, it becomes an unshakeable building block for everything you create.
Listen to this Meditation to tap into and activate the Freedom Frequency. In this activation I share the secret I have lived in order to courageously follow the path of truth, no matter what ~ devotion. In this activation you will be invited into a new level of devotional and proximity to divine will. 

Freedom From Past Disappointments (Part 2)

You cannot be free and simultaneously, bound to past injustices, hurts and disappointments. Although you may have been wronged in the past, on the path to inhabiting your freedom, you must let it go. It’s one or the other. In this video, I share numerous personal revelations I received about Forgiveness, which helped me to genuinely release the past, and come more fully into the present. Being free of these disappointments, has liberated great amounts of life-force to be used for my present moment. This is so empowering and liberating! And surprising. I can’t wait to share it with you.
Explore the power of the frequency of forgiveness beyond the concept or process of forgiveness that you may already be familiar with. This is not a mental concept. It’s a frequency that serves to wipe the slate clean and clear the past, so that you are able to be fully in the present, now. I hope you are able to receive from this activation the same frequency revelation I had, which set me free in a matter of minutes from hurts that I was unable to let go of on my own.

Give and Receive Freely (Part 3)

During a time of financial low, I made a surprising discovery about money. I saw the energetic cause of my financial lack and it became very obvious what I needed to do to remedy it. I was shown that money wants to flow into and out of our lives in alignment with our core values. In my case, I was easily spending in alignment with my values but when it came time to receive money, I was not able to receive in alignment with my values. 

The spirit of money showed me that I would never achieve a flow of abundance in this way, because God/Life wants me to receive in alignment with my values, in a way that feels very good for me. What I was doing in my business would never take off as long as I had it set-up in this unaligned way. Sure enough, as I made the energetic adjustments to receive in alignment with the frequencies of my values, the flow began! 

In this video we use an aspect of your Human Design to determine your values. This is also something I can channel about with you in a 1-1 session.

Freedom Lifestyle Design (Part 4)

If you don’t live the lifestyle you want on the way to more of what you desire, when you receive what you desire, you won’t be living the life you want. I learned this very early, and somehow always knew that how I design my daily life and schedule was paramount to my version of success. In this video I provide a framework for thinking about lifestyle design that we can explore further in the guided Freedom Lifestyle Design Process (next video). I can't wait to hear about what this inspires in you.

Now let's explore how you really want to be living in your day, your week, your month, your year!

For this guided Freedom Lifestyle Design Process, I recommend booking off up to an hour to spend with yourself. Light a candle, make some tea, print off the attached handouts and/or get your journal. As you meditate and contemplate it will be beneficial to map out your ideas using the visuals provided of your ideal day, week, month and year. Enjoy!

Freedom From Lack (Part 5)

Lack does not exist. However, we can experience perceived lack as very real! We can even live our entire lives within a reality of lack, without realizing that we can break through that frequency atmosphere into other realities, whenever we choose. When you shift your perception, your frequency atmosphere, not only does what you perceive change, you experience a new reality beyond lack and lack-ful conditions begin to dissolve. 

In this video, I share about how I discovered 3 ways to create freedom from lack consciousness even while I was in outer conditions of perceived lack, and how that created the foundational ground-work for a new reality of abundance to be born in my life..

Each of these topics is a profound teaching and revelation I received. Some over many years, and some on a deeper level recently. They have all lead to significant shifts in my felt experience of freedom, regardless of my outer conditions.

If you've been in business already for many years, there is so much magic that comes from these frequencies.

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