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You are the (multi-dimensional) guide. I am the (multi-dimensional) guide. Together we Incubate In Your Own Self-Guided Process of Transformation.  

Welcome to GUIDE - Leading in the Unknown.

When you are devoted to a life of leading from TRUTH, it is necessarily a journey into the unknown and the unknowable. 

Being a GUIDE is about being comfortable in the unknown and the unknowable, making it your playground and not requiring certainty in order to feel safe.

The GUIDE experience is an unfolding into the unknown and the unknowable, 

a self-guided journey into guiding your own journey.

It is a journey of Trust, Faith, Wisdom, Self-Communion

And Self-Guidance, 

While at the same time dismantling old programs that are not you.

As you become a person who masterfully guides yourself into and through the unknown, as you are a light unto yourself, you create what you are uniquely here to create.

Others come to you for guidance to guide themselves through the unknown.

You trust in the process and they feel trust in your trust in the process, and this elicits their trust in the process.

This experience is for those who are committed to living their own truth and wanting to surround themselves with other devoted multi-dimensional leaders.

Therefore, the primary intention of this container is to create a space for you to listen to and trust your self and your guidance. 

Below are the core tenants that I propose for this container. As you read them, I invite you to try them on in your body and see how they feel. Perhaps you will add some of your own, and alter the ones that I have set to suit you.

This container is sacred. I believe it will serve as a springboard or launching pad for you to crystalize and amplify your unique creations.

But we truly can’t know what will transpire.

and that...

is the magic of it.

With love, Karen

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I surrender my will to the will of God/Higher Power/Source.

I create and source my own safety. I am safe. When I feel unsafe, I seek support and resources to create safety.

The unknown becomes fun and friendly when I cultivate true Faith. I have faith when I have built and tested a trusting connection with my higher self and my body wisdom. This container serves as a reminder and opportunity to connect with my own guidance and wisdom as my #1 source.

 I am 100% responsible for myself, my choices and my creations. I choose to respond regardless of what shows up.

I speak my truth. My subjective reality matters. I am the only one who can be the advocate and custodian of my subjective perspective. I honour myself by sharing my piece while also honouring that others have their own subjective reality which may differ greatly from mine. I offer respect for my and others subjective viewpoint.

I show-up in community because it’s more fun. I engage with others primarily from appreciation and celebration of essence.

Life is a mirror presenting me with opportunities to alchemize distortions, delusions and unloved aspects. I see clearly. I am willing to change.

I courageously step into the Truth I am being called to embody and express.

I choose to trust in and attune to divine timing. I release force and pressure.

I release lack and fear as driving forces behind my behaviour and choices. Desire, love, gratitude and  creative inspiration are my primary fuel sources. I check-in with myself regarding the fuel behind my actions and the purity of my intentions.

I put my life-force energy first in all that I do and create. I live at a pace that honours my body.

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As a part of the (multi-dimensional) GUIDE experience, you have access to all of my offerings (unless it is a collaboration with someone outside of my business).

I have designed all of my offerings to flow together so that you can be supported by at least one touch-point each week of the month.

It's enough support to remind you to connect with your truth, but not too much that you will feel that your energy is distracted from your calling or absorbed by participating in the container. Also, you are 100% free to come and go as you desire.

 This container works on multiple levels as you will be both going through the process and transforming yourself, as well as embodying the transformation as a leader by guiding your peers. 

This is my most intimate group container and you will receive first-hand access to my powerful process of body-centred transformation and energetic guidance.

You will also calibrate with me as I step into greater levels of my multi-dimensional truth.

The power of this container is far beyond what is included below. I am a catalyst. We cannot know what co-creation will transpire as we spend a year together…but it will be awesome.

If you are called to this container, it is my deep honour to be here with you.


  • Transformation Mastery Group Coaching Call (2nd Thursday 1 pm EST) : As a part of Transformation Mastery, every month you will receive one principle of transformation to give you a focus for your own personal process. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1 pm EST for group coaching to apply the principles of transformation. 
  • 1 Self-Guided Mastermind Call (3rd Thursday 1 pm EST): Each month one participant is chosen to guide the group. This allows you to both practice the leading and following a guided call.
  • Mastermind Call (4th Thursday, 1 pm EST): On these calls I guide us in an unexpected experience of exchange ~ aka. a mastermind call. No topic is off limits.
  • (Optional) Buddy with whom to exchange Transformation Sessions: Participants get the most from working together integrating the emerging awareness that comes through the process of life and being a part of the GUIDE experience. 
  • Quarterly 1-1 Sessions Receive customized energetic guidance and support in 4 X 1-1 sessions throughout the year ($3552).
  • Access to all programs throughout the year. (except outside collaborations). The Discover your Genius Process ($1111), Clear Channel program ($1111). Freedom Business Architecture Workshops ($1997). Transformation Mastery ($6,000).  Note: this is not life-time access to the content.


This is a 12 month commitment.

Let's get on a call and explore your dreams and desires, and whether or not GUIDE is a fit to take you there.

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