I am so thrilled that you found your way to this page, and are considering becoming a facilitator of the Discover your Genius process.

This process is so magical, so effortless, and so effective, that my goal is for it to reach 100s, 1000s, maybe even millions of people (600 in 2022).

Can you imagine how powerful it would be to live in a world where everyone knew what their genius was, and was living in alignment with it???  I’ll take one of those please! 

I’d like to make a few points about becoming a Discover your Genius facilitator:

1) This process is versatile to suit your business style…

This process is a bit like an accordion, it can stretch out and contract according to how much time you have to play. You can deliver it in so many different formats: a 3 week online program with 8 modules (like I do), a 3 day workshop, a VIP day with a client, a 3 month private or group coaching program.

Once you learn how the process works, you can guide people through it in whatever way you like, as long as you hit the essential pieces (and I will make sure you know which pieces are essential to the process).

2) I desire for all DYG facilitators to be proficient at handling childhood wounding.

There are a few main reasons why not everyone is clear on what their genius is. A big one is that in their essential self, their genius, their gifts, were dismissed, neglected or diminished in childhood. Oftentimes this was completely unintentional, out of a lack of awareness, sometimes it was intentional.

Although the Discover your Genius process is not designed to address childhood wounding, it WILL come up and you need to be able to handle it. Also, having a longer program available after Discover your Genius to help people navigate their fears and triggers around living in their zone of genius, is a fantastic way to work. For this reason, I desire DYG facilitators to participate in the 12 month Transformation Mastery Mastermind. This will be a beautiful way to move yourself through any resistance that comes up, while also learning how to facilitate transformation in an effortless way. You can read more about it here. 

3) I desire for all DYG facilitators to be living in the realm of abundance (not lack).

Another big reason people don’t step into their genius is because they are too busy taking care of survival to feel SAFE to invest in their genius. For this reason, let’s be example of fearless leaders, living in connection with abundance as we enjoy living in our zone of genius!!!

The Transformation Mastery Mastermind also includes access to my 12 months of business support as a part of the Freedom Business Architecture masterclasses. I desire for us to build flourishing businesses together so that we are examples that it is financially safe and rewarding to build a livelihood in your zone of Genius.


  • All segment scripts 
  • Workbook to use with your participants
  • Done-for-you Genius graphics for your participants
  • Attendance at all Discover your Genius workshops for the year to marinate in the experience.
  • Lifelong connections you will want to maintain
  • Support and encouragement to launch your first Discover your Genius process within the year of your training 
  • Workshops to learn how to facilitate

$2222 USD
+ $1111/year you desire to continue facilitating



Discover Your Genius Facilitator Training is only available to current and previous participants of Transformation Mastery Mastermind + Freedom Business Architecture.

You are asked to let participants of your Discover Your Genius workshops know about the opportunity to become a facilitator, with an affiliate commission for you (22-25%).