I kept signing up for masterminds hoping I would find this kind of space, until I realized that I am the one to host it. 

Welcome to the clarity workshops for energetically-aware, multi-dimensional, genius leaders. 


The concept is simple. It's a workshop space that happens 3 times a month, where you can come and be guided in a process to come into your own truth and clarity about something that is unclear for you.

The clarity workshops are the space where geniuses lead geniuses in discovering their own next steps through guided processes that work.

Discover your Genius participants will be workshopping their genius, while others may be in the process of practicing with a new tool from the Transformation Mastery toolbelt. Still others may be practicing their channeling.

As the host and guide, I will be welcoming everyone into the space and then coordinating the workshop into break-out groups and sub-groups with a focus on using a specific tool to come into clarity.

There will be variety in the format depending on who shows up and what is going on, but you can expect to arrive with even more clarity about your next steps than you arrived with.


Get introduced to simple and effective tools for transformation. 

While this is not a content-based experience, I include access to one module per month of my Transformation Mastery program. This way, once a month you will receive a new principle of transformation to work with. This will give you a common language with the others in the clarity workshop and more tools that you can use to guide one another. 

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Clarity Workshops are 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursdays at 1 pm EST.


I hope you can make it. 

Sign-up now and you can cancel anytime.

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