An extraordinary ACTIVATION that will forever change your relationship to social media,
so that you can create a solid platform to share your light.

This is not a normal social media training.

I am not a social media expert.

I am a person who experienced an extraordinary shift in my relationship to social media, that has allowed me to consistently show-up as a leader, sharing my light, on YouTube and reaching thousands of people, with an ever-growing audience finding my work every day.

It has allowed me to create an engaged and loving community on Facebook called THE GRID – Network for Light Leaders and to do Facebook Lives, full free masterclasses and other exciting stuff that I would never have imagined myself doing, ever.

You see, in late 2019 I received a channeled message that fundamentally changed me.  I’ll share the story below on this page, but to keep it short, I learned that as an Emissary of Light, I would NEVER be happy until I invested my time, energy, money into building a solid platform online to share my light.

I discovered that until I did do the necessary actions to build a thriving audience online, I would not fulfill my role as the leader that I cam here to be.

This knowledge gave me the necessary ACTIVATION that was required to overcome my immense resistance to showing up online.

My fears, insecurities, stories, judgements dissolved in that moment and I began showing up with a KNOWING that my efforts to build a platform would inevitably succeed and reach millions of people.

This masterclass is designed to give you that very same activation that I received, so that you become a different kind of leader, one who shows up with commitment, conviction, confidence and without fear.


  • 3 Pre-recorded FB Live Modules with empowering assignments.
  • ​Private Facebook Group to share your process. Tag me and I will comment on your work.
  • ​Q & A call and Bonus Channeled Message

$55 USD

© 2023 - KAREN MCMULLEN - All Rights Reserved. - Terms & Conditions
© 2023 - KAREN MCMULLEN - All Rights Reserved. - Terms & Conditions